Agua’s five bestselling healthcare fabrics

We bring you our five best-selling high-performance upholstery fabrics designed for the healthcare sector

If you read the piece published recently by our MD, Suzanne Ralton, on Agua’s long-standing specialisation in the healthcare sector, you’ll hopefully have gathered that many of our high-performing upholstery fabrics feature characteristics that lend themselves to healthcare interiors. To help you understand what these characteristics are, we’ve pulled together an edit of our best-selling fabrics that are suited to the healthcare sector. We hope this rundown proves useful.

For Frontline Healthcare


Taurus is our most popular faux leather vinyl, and has been used extensively in demanding NHS and frontline healthcare environments for many years. Taurus is available in 50 colours and features a shallow-grain emboss that lends it a subtle leather-like texture. Taurus in particular is ideal for infection control purposes; the shallow grain prevents the build-up of microbes within depresses in the fabric and is cleanable by bleach or any other NHS-approved cleaning products. Moreover, Taurus offers contract-grade durability, fire-retardancy, is anti-microbial, stain resistant and waterproof – all of the core performance characteristics you’d expect of Agua.

Parody Linen

This textured vinyl features an emboss that mimics a woven linen fabric, but offers superior stain resistance, durability and is comparatively cost-effective. Unlike a plain vinyl, it can be used to create a softer, residential look within a hospital setting, but nonetheless meets all the durability, practicality and infection control criteria required for frontline healthcare environments – in much the same way as Taurus.

For Care and Residential Homes

Oregon and Alberta Hyde

This is one of our most specialised collections; a coordinated range of soft fabrics and faux leather vinyls, which mimic an elegant, antique leather look on soft seating. Used together, these materials upholster seats that are highly durable and require the bare minimum of maintenance. We recommend that Alberta Hyde (vinyl) is used for high traffic areas like a seat’s cushion and arms, paired with the coordinating Oregon Hyde (tactile soft fabric) for a seamless look. In care and residential homes, this range offers a comforting and yet practical dual-textured finish which helps with cleaning, maintenance and longevity.


Dependable and durable, Nova is a microfibre polyester with a fine herringbone pattern. It’s also our first suggestion when a client is searching for a highly durable ‘semi-plain’ collection. The microfibre element keeps any staining on the outer surface of the material and prevents stains from penetrating into the fabric weave, which ensures Nova is easy to clean. Moreover, the range is now available with our new protective technology, AguaGuard365, which offers certified protection against bacteria and viruses – including COVID-19.

For Secure and High Hazard Environments

The 7 Collection

Of course, there are certain healthcare projects which require materials that really can go above and beyond. The 7 Collection is designed with these spaces in mind; our thickest and toughest vinyl material is tested to Crib 7, the highest fire retardancy standard in the UK. Thanks to its impressive durability, the range is a natural choice for secure or high-hazard environments where safety and practicality are high priority. While it’s perhaps not quite as glamorous as the mainstay vinyls in our collection, it serves a highly specialised purpose and serves as a reminder that at Agua we really do create high-performance fabrics to tackle each and every eventuality.

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