Five new Agua fabrics that you might have missed

We released five new collections during the pandemic. If you’ve yet to get your hands on them, here they are

The pandemic dislocated us all in so many different ways. One of the first things we decided as the first lockdown loomed was that we'd focus on doing what we do best: designing performance upholstery fabrics. It proved to be a hugely busy time for Agua, with more than half-a-dozen new fabrics developed, tested and released to the market.

Of course, the great challenge of COVID for any business was connecting with customers, and despite the success these new collections have had over the past two to three years, we still get clients commenting that they've only just discovered fabrics like Cord or Pearl, which are now close to three years old! 

So, for any of you who might not have discovered some of our newer collections, here are all our soft fabrics in one convenient place. Here's hoping you spot something you like.

1. Cord 

The clue’s in the name with this one. Our collection of high-performing upholstery corduroy, Cord combines a premium look and soft handle with all the high-performing features you’ve come to expect of Agua Fabrics. Cord is highly durable, waterproof, stain resistant, fire retardant and anti-microbial. Available in 18 vibrant colours, it’s a go-anywhere, do-anything fabric, this.

2. Pearl

Pearl is a luxurious collection with a glossy finish, designed to mirror a fine wool barleycorn weave. It’s infinitely more durable, though, and much easier to maintain. Arguably one of the most colourful collections we offer with a premium look and feel, Pearls’ 24 different colours are suited to all manner of hotel, hospitality, entertainment and leisure environments, as well as modern office spaces. 

3. Finezza

The first of two high-performing velvets we offer at Agua, Finezza has a denser weave and shallower pile than its sister fabric, Primeira, which lends it a bold, saturated look. We designed the collection with rich jewel tones and confident colours to the fore, so it’s perfect for statement spaces. We’ve seen Finezza fit-out hotel bars, theatre auditoriums and cruise ships since we released it in 2021.

4. Primeria

As with Finezza, Primeira is highly durable, fire retardant, stain resistant and waterproof, but crucially, it’s also finished with AguaGuard 365, the unique anti-microbial treatment we developed last year in partnership with virology lab, HeiQ. AguaGuard365 is the only fabric treatment of its kind, employing silver and fatty vesicle technology to kill bacteria and viruses – including COVID-19 – on contact. With a wide range of neutrals and pastels to choose from, Primeira is well-suited to residential, hospitality and even healthcare environments.

5. VerdEco

VerdEco was released last autumn and is a first for Agua. A sustainable collection, VerdEco is made from 100% upcycled textile waste, using a mechanical recycling and re-spinning process that is completely water-free. In fact, upholster a three-seat sofa in VerEco and you’ll save an average of 250 litres of water. With melange yarns and a robust hopsack weave, there’s not an environment that VerdEco won’t flatter, and using this collection will boost your project’s environmental credentials no end, too.

To request samples of any of the above fabrics, simply create a free online account with us here. You’ll be able to quickly and simply order any samples you’d like.

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