AguaGuard365: Anti-Bacterial Fabric Technology for a Post-COVID World

Our new state-of-the-art fabric technology is the first of its kind in the UK, effective against both bacteria and viruses. But don’t just take our word for it; AguaGuard365 has passed all the required tests for use within the EU, too

Existing clients will hopefully be well aware that Agua has produced anti-microbial fabrics as standard since the early 2000s. Now, with COVID-19 reshaping businesses, workspaces and all our daily lives at a rate of knots, we’re pleased to unveil our latest development, AguaGuard365, a protective treatment powered by HeiQ ViroBlock technology.

AguaGuard365 is one of the first of its kind; a truly effective, scientifically proven treatment for soft fabrics that is effective against both bacteria and viruses – including COVID-19. We’ve spent the past four months fast-tracking the technology for use in soft furnishings, in partnership with the cutting-edge textiles innovation and research company, HeiQ.

Put simply, AguaGuard365 works through two complementary systems, the first of which is a patented and registered silver technology. Silver particles are natural antibacterial and antiviral agents, which bind viruses and other pathogens to silver’s sulfur groups (a natural process that forms silver sulfide), which immobilises viruses permanently. In AguaGuard365, we use silver chloride instead of nano silver particles to ensure the technology is both consistent over time and completely safe.

AguaGuard365 at work in a care home environment

Areas protected by AguaGuard365 in a hotel environment

The second active system in AguaGuard365 is a patent-pending fatty vesicle technology. This acts as a booster to the silver chloride and physically destroys pathogens. The technology directly targets the lipid membrane surrounding virus cells and saps each cell’s cholesterol content, destroying viruses and other microbes on contact. Combined, these two technologies form the most effective anti-bacterial treatment for soft fabrics currently available.

As always, transparency and clarity are key to what we do at Agua, so we’ve worked hard to ensure that AguaGuard365 passes all the necessary independent tests. The treatment is harmless to the skin and body, uses a minimum of active ingredients and meets all the required criteria for use within the UK and EU; it is EU BPR and EU REACH compliant, and also carries Bluesign, EPA, Oekotex and ZDHC certification.

If COVID-19 has shown us one thing, it’s the importance of being prepared. While it looks as though we’re all going to have to live within the ‘new normal’ for a while yet, AguaGuard365 is a practical solution for manufacturers and designers alike, ensuring that all future projects can be delivered to clients with total peace of mind. We’re proud to have pushed through this technology in the UK, and to be rolling out AguaGuard365 protection on all new stock within our soft fabric ranges from this point forth.

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