Introducing Fleck: Our newest faux leather performance fabric

Our newest faux leather gives woven melange fabrics a run for their money

The phrase ‘vinyl fabric’ might not set your design brain alight with joy. Historically, vinyls haven’t enjoyed a reputation for sophistication – either in terms of how they look or feel. But today that’s changing. Our recent launches, Argentex and Entwine, demonstrate just how versatile, practical and attractive vinyl fabrics can be, and now with our newest fabric, Fleck, we’re confident you’ll never look at vinyls in the same way again.

Fleck is soft, textural and borderline decadent in the way it echoes soft woven fabric. Indeed, you’ll have a tricky time telling the difference between Fleck and a natural woven fibre. And this is precisely the point. We’ve engineered this new faux leather to be as natural looking (and feeling) as possible; ensuring it’s comfortable, soft and performs just as you’d expect. It replicates a distinctive, tightly woven hopsack weave, where Argentex mimics glossy linen and Entwine, perhaps the closest comparison, takes on a looser woven look.

Its tactile surface texture and two-tone colouring makes Fleck particularly attractive. This is only furthered by the wide range of colours available, from ocean blue to leafy green, and blush pink to mushroom brown. The collection’s versatile palette has been designed with architects and interior designers in mind, and ensures that Fleck is perfect for hospitality and workplace design schemes alike. It’ll effortlessly complement purpose-built interiors, whether in an opulent hotel lobby or candle-lit bar, but will also work in the cruise and leisure sector, where it can stand up to daily wear and tear. 

Speaking of which, Fleck performs in one way that a natural fibre never could. One of the main benefits of using faux-leather upholstery is its durability, and here Fleck doesn’t disappoint. The fabric doesn’t absorb liquid and it’s easy to wipe down, so you can expect it to look pristine for years to come with the minimum of maintenance. It also passes all the usual Agua stringency tests. It’s fire retardant, stain resistant, waterproof and anti-microbial, so it’s more than suitable for use in healthcare settings, as well as offices. 

As is always the case with Agua, we don’t cut corners on quality or performance, but Fleck boasts a thoroughly competitive price point nevertheless. We’re confident you won’t find a better price-to-quality ratio anywhere else – just get in touch through our website or contact your Agua rep to test Fleck for yourself. And when you do, you’ll be pleased to know we’ve got fabric in stock, ready for immediate dispatch within the UK. In other words, we’re here and ready to deliver at a moment’s notice.

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