Agua x Crown Workspace: A second life for office furniture

Our sustainability drive continues. You can now recondition and reupholster office furniture in our fabrics through Crown Workspace, to give used pieces a second lease of life

Hot on the heels of Agua’s new Planet Mark certification, we’re pleased to announce a new collaboration with Crown Workspace’s award-winning Renew Centre in north London, which (as the the name suggests) specialises in bringing tired-looking used office furniture back to life. For the first time, Crown Workspace’s clients will be able to specify high-performing Agua fabrics, both soft fabrics and faux leathers, on any seats, sofas, stools and work pods that require refurbishment. 

There are a few different reasons why we’ve partnered with Crown. Firstly, it’s a business that shares our values. Crown has made great inroads on their own sustainability journey in recent years – so much so that the firm has been recognised by HRH Charles III, when he was the Prince of Wales. Since 2015, the firm remanufactured and refurbished 97,000 desks, chairs and other office furniture, diverting 2,300 tonnes into reuse and delivering a total saving of 5,770 tonnes of CO2e. This would be enough to power more than 8,500 homes with electricity for a whole year!

Moreover, the Renew Centre is capable of re-making, refurbishing and re-upholstering workspace furniture of all shapes, sizes – and importantly – quantities. Overseen by supervisor Stuart, who started in his first upholstery workshop in 1976, the Crown Workspace team can re-upholster projects of all shapes and sizes, perfect if you want to bring furniture back to life, even for larger office schemes!

Of course, there are practical considerations to keep in mind too. In working with Crown, and in specifying Agua Fabrics, there is huge potential for clients to save significant amounts of cost – reconditioning office furniture will almost always prove more cost effective than buying from new and of course it’s less wasteful. And with our full range of fabrics to hand – from our sustainable recycled fabric, Verd Eco, to premium materials like Pearl, Cord and our high-performing velvets, re-upholstered furniture has never looked so good.

For more information about Crown Workspace’s Renew service, visit 

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