@Work by Agua: Upholstery Fabrics Designed for the Future of Workspaces

Our @Work collection is ideally suited to ‘new normal’ office design projects. Moreover, @Work’s best-selling Task range is now available with our AguaGuard365 treatment, which offers certified protection against COVID-19

It might seem like a strange time to be reflecting on our @Work range, six collections of soft and vinyl fabrics that we released last year specifically to cater to workplace environments.

Of course, 2020 been an unusual year for commercial design projects, with offices half-empty or hastily redesigned to accommodate social distancing measures. But, this reprieve has also offered a rare opportunity for businesses to rethink how they utilise their central workspaces. Demand for flex office space has soared this year, with the number of flex space centres in the UK increasing by 7 per cent since March, and flexible office space accounting for over 35 per cent of commercial property transactions in London alone over the past 12 months.

Now, as we move into 2021, analysts are predicting an all-time boom in flex working, as progressive corporates move from traditional office space to large-scale flexible solutions. In other words, now’s a good time to be thinking about commercial design projects. The @Work range is tailored to this new world; our @Work fabrics combine contemporary design with practicality, durability and all the necessary workplace fire retardancy requirements.

This last characteristic is particularly important at a time when businesses have equipped their staff with office furniture for remote working, which has raised questions over which fire retardancy standards apply: domestic or commercial. Thankfully, @Work has you covered either way; all our @Work fabrics conform to Domestic Cigarette & Match – BS5852 Pt1 1979 (Schedule 4 part 1, and 5 part 1), and Contract Low Hazard Cigarette & Match – BS EN 1021 – 1:2006 1&2. Plus, @Work fabrics also meet Contract Medium Hazard BS7176 Crib 5.

We’ve also been experimenting with the range’s best selling collection, Task (pictured). It is the first @Work collection to receive our new protective treatment, AguaGuard365, which is effective against both bacteria and viruses and offers certified protection against COVID-19. Developed in partnership with Swiss laboratory, HeiQ, AguaGuard365 is unique to Agua and the only fabric treatment of its kind in the UK. In other words, Task fabrics are a truly unique solution to future-proofing commercial design projects in the ‘new normal’.

This, together with the fact that all our @Work fabrics are all held in stock, makes Agua the fast, safe and stress-free choice for both commercial projects and homeworker furniture design. You can explore the @Work range using our digital catalogue here, or reach out to our sales team with any inquiries on info@aguafabrics.com.

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